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Association books

Over the past 33 years, the baudenkmal bundesschule bernau association has published numerous publications on the history of the building and use of the former ADGB Trade Union School and its architects Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer as well as the architect of the extension buildings, Georg Waterstradt, on a voluntary basis. These include a series of publications (issues 1 to 9) and an architectural guide. The publications were researched and compiled by Bauhaus researchers and history experts. They are the only comprehensive books on the Bundesschule and are only available in their entirety from the association.


Other books

In this section you will find books by other authors that can be ordered through the association. These are cooperations in the context of past or current exhibitions, e.g. by Jean Molitor.







Photo cards

Here you will find numerous photo postcards in DIN A5 format that were created as part of exhibitions. They include motifs of the Bundesschule as well as other Bauhaus buildings. The photographers of the motifs are Jean Molitor and Swen Bernitz.






Here you will find posters from exhibitions and events.












You can order all publications at cost price plus shipping costs (items up to 500 g = 2.00 Euro; up to 1,000 g = 3.00 Euro) from the bbb association.

If you wish us to send you books outside of Germany, please contact us for postal fees.

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